My dream, is to help all the little pixies out there understand and handle big feelings and have emotional empowerment and I feel this is just as important  as parenting my 6-year-old little girl, who is my co-founder and the inspiration for my business, Scarlett.

I have been reading parenting books for many years, but  I am always left looking for a kinder and more connective way to teach my little girl.

Like any other parent, I want to do the best for my child, and I realised that by helping Scarlett understand emotions, fear, and empathy now, I would help her as an adult.

I don’t have a writing background; I’m ‘just’ a mum. My love of writing started when I was seven years old when I use to write plays I loved that time in my childhood.

However, when I was a little bit older, the word dyslexia came into my life and my writing stopped.

Let me leap ahead to last year; I met this wonderful, spiritual teacher who told me that I needed to start writing again, and to write about pixies, linking their tales to my past hurts and things I had learned.

With magic, pixie dust and hard work Finding my pixie wings was created.